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19 January 2022 / Club News

Codes of conduct expected by the WRU



Promote and comply with the Laws of the Game and Regulations


Players must:

  1. adhere to the Laws of The Game, the World Rugby Regulations, the Rules and Regulations of the WRU, the rules of any competition (on and off field), in which their Club participates in and their Club rules at all times.
  2. comply with the WRU’s Anti-Doping Rules and all anti-doping regulations issued by World Rugby and WADA.

(c) Comply with the WRU’s Safeguarding Policy.

(d) Comply with the Payment to Player policy.

(e) Comply with the Anti-Corruption and Betting Regulations issued by World Rugby.


Any Player found to have not complied with the provisions set out within each of the Laws and Regulations stipulated above, may also be subject to disciplinary proceedings and sanctions being imposed.


Promote High Standards of Behaviour


Players shall win and lose with dignity, shall uphold the values and spirit of the Game and shall take all possible steps to prevent the Game from being brought into disrepute.

Players shall:

(a) speak to team-mates, the opposition, spectators, match officials and their coach/manager with respect on and off the field.

(b) respect and observe the authority of match officials’ and their decisions at all times.


Ethical and Professional Behaviour


Players shall conduct themselves at all times in an ethical and professional manner and observe the highest standards of integrity and shall not engage in any conduct or any activity (whether on or off the field) that may impair public confidence in the honest and orderly conduct of a match, tour, tournament or series of matches or in the integrity and good character of any person.


Players shall not:

(a) engage in offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour towards match officials, opposition Players, coaches, team managers, officials and spectators;

(b) engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment of match officials, opposition players, coaches, team managers, officials and spectators.

(c) engage in any behaviour that is likely to intimidate, offend, insult, humiliate or discriminate against any other Person on the grounds of their religion, race, sexual orientation, colour or national or ethnic origin.



Social Media and Communications


Players shall not engage in public criticism (whether via social media or social networking sites or otherwise) of any Club, match officials, opposition Players, coaches, team managers, Club officials, spectators or any other Person which might be defamatory, improper, threatening, abusive, indecent, insulting, offensive or that brings or has the potential to bring the Game into disrepute.


Players shall comply with the Code of Conduct in respect of Social Media and Communications.

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