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Code of Conduct

We all have a duty to abide by the code of conduct for the game of Rugby. This is what makes the sport of Rugby fun and so great.

The Code of Conduct applies to:

  • Match Officials
  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Spectators

The WRU Code of Conduct can be downloaded from the link below.

Code of Conduct (click to download)

We are very proud of the family atmosphere we promote at the club and long may this continue.

Spectator and Parent Code of Conduct

Show respect for officials and other players

Do not force your child to play

Encourage in your support

Do not stray on to the pitch at any time
Be courteous to all Do not verbally abuse match officials - remember they are volunteers
Applaud good play Do not verbally abuse players or other spectators

Verbally support in a proactive manner

Do not use bad language

Remember victory is not everything

Do no threaten or intimidate

Children are playing for their own enjoyment

Do not become involved in physical agression

Enjoy the day and transmit that enthusiasm to the players

Do not do anything which is likely to offend, insult, humiliate or discriminate

Please remember at mini and junior level the following:

  • This is not the six nations
  • These are children
  • The game is for the children and NOT the spectators
  • All coaches & officials are volunteers
  • The referees are human and cannot see everything
  • Above all help to create a fun and positive environment for everyone

The WRU Code of Conduct also considers the potential damage of social media against the sport. In addition SGRFC have compiled our own stance on social media abuse (click to download).

On behalf of the club we thank you for your cooperation and hope that everyone goes home happy!